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Custom Font Solutions

Custom Logo and Signature Fonts

MicroWorks provides custom logo and signature fonts to meet your personal or organizational needs. Contact us to discuss how we can best serve you.

Custom Logos

You are about finished writing your presentation. All you need to do now is add your company logo. One problem, you cannot draw and your company does not have any graphical designers. What do you do now?

At MicroWorks, we can turn your company logo into a TrueType font. This way, when you want to insert the logo into a document, all you need to do is choose the company font and type in one letter. Voilà, your logo is now in your document.

Custom Signatures

Custom Signature

You have 300 letters to send out to clients, friends and associates, and they all need your signature. You can sign each letter, that is if you have all day and all night. Or your can create a TrueType font that has your signature. Then all you need to do is choose your font and type in one letter. The next thing you know your signature appears in your document.

At MicroWorks, we have the ability to turn your signature into a TrueType font. That way, you will not need to sign all those nasty documents by hand.

HP LaserJet® Fonts by MicroWorks

We supply fonts for most HP LaserJet printer models. A partial listing of supported printers is provided below. Please contact us to see what solutions we can provide for your font and other printing needs.

Specialty fonts

Partial listing of supported models

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